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For any question regarding SPAMS, you can contact us at "'AT'" (replace 'AT' by @).

Version 2.6.1: R and Matlab versions remain at release 2.6 for the moment. SPAMS-python version 2.6.1 corresponds to a reunification of the sources for python2 and python3 (a single package for both python versions).

Version 2.6: The toolbox was successfully tested with gcc-4.7, gcc-5.4, and the BLAS/LAPACK library atlas. Windows pre-compiled packages are not available yet.

Version <=2.5: The toolbox was successfully tested with gcc-4.6, the intel compiler version 12 and visual studio compiler 10, and the BLAS/LAPACK library atlas, Intel MKL and AMD ACML.
The best performance was obtained using the Intel compiler + Intel MKL under Linux. Since the toolbox was mostly tested with Matlab under Linux, please use the matlab Linux 64bits version if you want to report speed results.
To use SPAMS with matlab R2011a and later, do not forget to run the command setenv('MKL_NUM_THREADS','1') before using SPAMS.

Starting from version 2.6, the project files are hosted on INRIA GitLab with public git access. This repository is now considered the default SPAMS repository.
Starting from version 2.2, the project files are hosted on INRIA Gforge. If you are interested in more information, svn access, click here.

Version: 2.6.1

    We have fixed a few reported bugs during the past months and updates the sources accordingly. The following links point to the most recent version of SPAMS.

    /!\ Matlab and R packages are still in version 2.6.

    /!\ SPAMS-python version 2.6.1 was only tested on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) at the moment. Compatibility with MacOS and Windows is still under testing. Recommendations for installation on these two operating systems will soon be uploaded.

  • Tar-gzipped, sources, matlab interface,
  • Tar-gzipped, precompiled matlab package for Linux,
  • Tar-gzipped, precompiled matlab package for MacOS X (>=10.9.5),
  • Tar-gzipped, sources, R interface (compatible with R-3.x),
  • Tar-gzipped, sources, new python interface (python2.x and python3.x compatible, 64bits system),
  • + Matlab precompiled package for GNU/Linux and MacOS X
    + R interface compatible with R-3.x
    + Python interface compatible with python2.x and python3.x (same sources)
    + Disclaimer: the multi-threading is not available with the Matlab precompiled package for MacOS X (because OpenMP is not supported by the compiler clang at the moment)

    Regarding the SPAMS-python package:

  • In addition, a version of the SPAMS Python library (available here) is maintained by John Kirkham on the conda-forge (an open source community-led packaging effort supplying release quality binary packages for use on the platforms Mac and GNU/Linux with the conda package manager).

  • Regarding installation on Windows, you can have a look at the Scipy webpage dedicated to compilation and use of BLAS on Windows for help or you can contact us.

  • Regarding the installation on 32bits systems, you can edit the '' file (basically you just have to replace the compilation option '-m64' by '-m32') or you can contact us.

  • The SPAMS Python library will also be soon available on the PyPI website for simple installation with the 'pip' package manager (with 'pip install spams').
    A testing version is already available on the PyPI testing website. It can be installed with the following command:
    pip install --index-url spams
    (tested on GNU/Linux with python2.7 and python3.x).

Version: 2.6

Version: 2.5

Version: 2.4

Version: 2.3

Version: 2.2

Version: 2.1

The version using Intel MKL are recommended for a better performance. There is no need of installing the MKL library, everything needed is included in the package. Mac and Windows versions have not been tested intensively. Please feel free to report any problem you encounter. If you want to report speed results obtained with this toolbox, please use the Linux 64bits version.

Version: 2.0

Version: 1.02

Version: 1.01

Version: 1.00

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