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Version 2.6: The toolbox was successfully tested with gcc-4.7, gcc-5.4, and the BLAS/LAPACK library atlas. Windows version are not available yet.

Version <=2.5: The toolbox was successfully tested with gcc-4.6, the intel compiler version 12 and visual studio compiler 10, and the BLAS/LAPACK library atlas, Intel MKL and AMD ACML.
The best performance was obtained using the Intel compiler + Intel MKL under Linux. Since the toolbox was mostly tested with Matlab under Linux, please use the matlab Linux 64bits version if you want to report speed results.
To use SPAMS with matlab R2011a and later, do not forget to run the command setenv('MKL_NUM_THREADS','1') before using SPAMS.

Starting from version 2.2, the project files are hosted on INRIA Gforge. If you are interested in more information, svn access, click here.

Starting from version 2.6, the project files are also hosted on INRIA GitLab with git access.

Version: 2.6

Version: 2.5

Version: 2.4

Version: 2.3

Version: 2.2

Version: 2.1

The version using Intel MKL are recommended for a better performance. There is no need of installing the MKL library, everything needed is included in the package. Mac and Windows versions have not been tested intensively. Please feel free to report any problem you encounter. If you want to report speed results obtained with this toolbox, please use the Linux 64bits version.

Version: 2.0

Version: 1.02

Version: 1.01

Version: 1.00

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